Quality industrial cleaning

The OMM lavapavimenti, with its forty-year experience, faces the international market with a complete range of scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, etc. .. , with winning features, able to cover every possibile cleaning need.

All our products follow the same philosophy, which aims to propose an efficient and simple use product which need easy maintenance operations: all the scrubber dryers are made of polyethylene with the method of rotational molding and have excellent mechanical properties, combined with a modern design.

The primary objective of OMM Lavapavimenti’s strategy is the attainment of the customer’s full, continuous and increasing satisfaction with the delivery of top-quality reliable and safe products and services with reduced lead times at competitive prices.

This objective derives from the necessity to continuously adapting to the evolution of the technology and of the needs expressed by the market and it must concern the company organization, the quality of its product and the customer’s assistance level.

In accordance with its operational philosophy, today the OMM lavapavimenti does not hesitate to get involved in the first person to build with its customers a relationship based on trust and respect, to guarantee the highest quality and reliability, also keeping a constant presence of the service.


The strengths of the wide range of products OMM scrubber dryers are:

  • cleaning environments of any size
  • quality materials and components
  • high reliability and durability
  • low cost (both purchase and operating)
  • significant performance and/or autonomy
  • simple use and high maneuverability
  • easy maintenance operations
  • high safety standards
  • reduced noise.

OMM Lavapavimenti also offers a complete and continuous after sales service: support, staff training, scheduled maintenance programs.


Another strong point of OMM lavapavimenti is the immediate availability of our spare parts, for all scrubber dryer models, in production and not.