Cleaning of small and large spaces

The scrubbers and sweepers, as well as other OMM cleaning products have been designed and developed to meet every need for cleaning small or large environments.

We design machines able to solve cleaning problems in different conditions of use and on any type of surface, with wire or battery power supply, with man on the ground or on board, for small or large spaces.


For industrial cleaning, they allow to clean large paved surfaces in one pass, usually within commercial and industrial environments.


Efficient, robust and reliable, easy maintenance that makes them durable over time. Suitable for any sweeping situation, from small to large spaces.

High pressure cleaners

The high pressure cleaners distributed by OMM offer guarantees of quality and safety; the value of water combined with the force of pressure for a cutting-edge result that ensures hygiene and cleanliness.

Vacuum cleaners

Product of excellence, robust, powerful, offer guarantees of quality and safety. They are designed and tested to work continuously and heavily in difficult places.