365R MINISPEED – Battery Scrubber

365R MINISPEED Battery Scrubber
Scrubber suitable for the daily cleaning of floors and medium-sized areas, guarantees perfect results on hard and elastic surfaces and great freedom of movement.


365R MINISPEED battery scrubber. Minispeed is light easily movable. This machine can be operated in small places such as: small shops, offices and restaurant. The machine has an electrovalve and a floater in the water system. This system stops the vacuum motor automatically.

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Additional information

Floor Area Cleans

m2/h 1000

Cleaning Width

mm 355

Squeegee Width

mm 480


ø / mm 1 x 350

Brush Motor

W / V 1×200 / 24V S1

Vacuum Motor / Vacuum Power

W / V mm / H2O 1×480 / 24-36V / 1100

Drive Motor

W / V Semiautomatica

Brush Pression

Kg 28

Solution / Recovery Tanks

l 17/ 18

Net Weight

Kg 44

Gross Weight

Kg 67


A / h 90 min


mm 800x480x740